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39 Lời Chúc 27/12 Tiếng Anh : Hay & Ý Nghĩa Nhất

40 Tin Nhắn Lời Chúc 27/2 Ý Nghĩa Nhất, Câu Chúc Mừng Ngày Thầy Thuốc Việt Nam 27 tháng 2 Hay Nhất
12 Lời chúc 27-2 ấn tượng cho sếp, Câu chúc Mừng ngày Thầy Thuốc Việt Nam 27 Tháng 2
15 Hình ảnh đẹp 27-2, Cover Facebook về Ngày Thầy Thuốc Việt Nam Đẹp Nhất

Tuyển chọn 39 lời chúc mừng ngày thầy thuốc việt nam bằng Tiếng Anh hay và ý nghĩa nhất. Những lời chúc mừng ngày 27/02 – ngày thầy thuốc bằng tiếng anh ngắn gọn và hay. Chúc mọi người tìm được những lời chúc mà mình cảm thấy ưng ý.

Happy Doctors Day Messages from Staff

1. To the most hard working and dedicated doctor in the world, we are extremely happy to be working under you and learning so many new things…. Thanks a lot for your guidance and support…. Wishing you a very Happy Doctor’s Day.

2. Not everyone can become a doctor because not every has the knowledge, skill and patience to offer his services selflessly to the patients…. Wishing a very Happy Doctor’s Day to our highly inspiring doctor.

3. There are no words in which we can thank you for being such a generous human and the best doctor…. You are truly a God for patients with the magical powers to treat them…. Best wishes to you on Doctor’s Day.

Doctor Day Wishes to Friend

4. When I have a friend like you, I am completely safe….. Not only from problems of life but also problems related to health….. To the best friend I have and to the best doctor I know, wishing you a very Happy Doctor’s Day.

5. I feel extremely proud to be a friend with such an amazing doctor who has saved so many lives, who is dedicated towards his job and who is completely selfless…. Three cheers to you my friend…. And a very Happy Doctor’s Day.

6. With doctors like you, I am so sure that one day we will have more and more smiling faces…. Hats off to your services and to all the philanthropy you do along with your job…. I am really blessed to have a friend like you…. Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day to you.

Happy Doctors Day Funny Messages

7. You may or may not be patient but because you are a doctor you will always have patients…. Wishing you a very Happy Doctor’s Day my dear…. May you are blessed with lots of patients to treat and you treat them well.

8. For all those who are married to doctors, for them even the apple cannot do the magic…. May they find some other fruit to keep the doctors away….. Wishing you a very warm and wonderful Happy Doctor’s Day.

9. When will Doctor’s Day be a happy occasion for the doctors….??? The day they will have no patients or the day they will have lots of patients….. Warm wishes to you on this confusing day…. Happy Doctor’s Day to you.

Doctors Day Messages for Thank You

10. Dear Doctor, it is extremely difficult to find words to thank you for your care and treatment…. I find myself so fortunate to have been able to find a doctor like you who is the best in what he does…. Thank you for everything and Happy Doctor’s Day.

11. You fall sick because of your karmas but when God wants to bless you, he sends you the best doctor in the world to take care of you, to treat you and to make you well again… Thanks for giving me my second life…. Warm wishes to you on Happy Doctor’s Day.

12. There are days when we are unwell but then we have wonderful doctors like you who are always there to bring us back in shape and make us feel healthy and happy…. You are one such amazing doctor….. Sending you best wishes on Doctor’s Day.

Doctor’s day Wishes Sample Messages and Quotes

13. Only a doctor is blessed with the magical powers to treat a life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we have lost all the hopes. Happy Doctor’s Day 2018.

14. When we are in tears, we need a shoulder. When we are in pain, we need medicine. But when we are in tragedy, we need you as you are the hope. Thanks for being there. Happy Doctor’s Day.

15. A doctor is bestowed with the eye to see and treat weakness in mankind. He is the one who can give us hope when we are in doom. Sending warm wishes to you on Doctor’s Day 2018.

16. On this occasion of Doctor’s Day, I express my gratitude to you for always being there for us, for serving us with happiness and for treating our problems. Happy Doctor’s Day to you.

17. Not everyone gets a chance to thank their doctors. This day I thank God for bringing such a great doctor in my life. Thanks a lot for everything that you have done for me. Happy Doctor’s Day.

18. Dear Doctor, I feel so confident and safe when I know that I am in your hands. You have always been a savior to me. Thanking you on this wonderful occasion. Happy Doctor’s Day 2018.

20. Thank you for being much more than just a doctor. You have been a doctor, a counselor and a guide to be and I owe you so much in my life. Happy Doctor’s Day to you.

21. You have come into my life as a hope, a hope for a healthier future and I am sure with your treatment, I will be a healthy person one day. Thanks for your time. Happy Doctor’s Day.

22. Dear Doctor, thank you for everything you have done for me to keep me in the best of my health. Your efforts have made me a healthier soul. Happy Doctor’s Day to you.

23. Having you as our family doctor has been a beautiful blessing of the Almighty. You have always treated us unconditionally for better health. Thanks for everything. Happy Doctor’s Day.

National Pharmacist Day Messages

“On the occasion of National Pharmacist Day, I extend a warm thanks to the people who ensure that we stay healthy and happy with their dedication and hard work.”

“We know we are always safe because we have a responsible pharmacist always at your services…. Best wishes to you on National Pharmacist Day.”

“Whether it is cold or cough, flu or viral….. All thanks to our pharmacist who helps us in restoring our health…. Happy National Pharmacist Day to you.”

“Only a pharmacist has the art to read the prescriptions….. Wishing a very Happy National Pharmacist Day to you guys.”

Pharmacist Quotes

“With so many medicines and so many prescriptions, only a pharmacist knows how to set things right….. Best wishes on National Pharmacist Day.”

“National Pharmacist Day reminds us had pharmacists were not there, we would have been lost in reading the prescriptions.”

“You know you are in safe hands if you have a good doctor and a dependable pharmacist…. Happy National Pharmacist Day to you.”

“On the occasion of National Pharmacist Day, let us thank the pharmacists who ensure healthy living for us.”

Catchy Slogan on Pharmacist Day in Hindi

“Pharmacist hai toh swasthya hai!!!”

“Humein pata hai ki hum sukrakshit hain kyunki pharmacist hain humara dhyan rakhne ke liye!!!”

“Dawaiyon ki bhool bhulaiya ko aasan banate hain pharmacists.”

“National Pharmacist diwas hai un sabhi pharmacists ko yaar karne ka jin hone humare swasth mein sahyog kiya!!”

National Pharmacist Day Poster Message

“We are healthy and in safe hands because we have pharmacists to take care.”

“Thank them for reading the most challenging prescriptions on National Pharmacist Day.”

“A big thanks for their hard work and dedication which ensures our good health.”

“There are only good pharmacists because the job they do is unmatched!!!”